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College and work helped

13 Jul

I decided to go to county college, which in New Jersey are pretty reputable institutions. I was living with my parents and I had to work to pay for college and my car costs.During high school I bused tables at the local diner and worked at Dunkin’ Donuts when they actually had sit down counters, but they didn’t pay squat.

The day before I graduated high school I stopped by the local Sunoco gas station and got a job as a weekend shift manager for the gasoline island. Later, after the regular full time guy left I took his place. Not getting into specifics the pay was good for early the early 90’s.

I learned responsibility early and for a teen I had pretty good discipline. I got up drove a half hour to school, took classes, drove home, then either rested a bit or did homework and went to work, 4pm to midnight. I even did homework at later times during my shift when it became slow.

I managed to do this for close to 3 years but I wanted out. I wanted to leave my home town, wanted to get away from my parents, leave the gas station and finally as anyone from New Jersey would tell you I wanted to leave the state.I wanted a life.

So I got my Associates Degree, albeit late because of the work hours and working overtime when possible interfered with classes that were challenging, a good example was Chemistry class. This was a hint of what was long term important taking a back seat to short term important.A trap that I would later fall into.

Twelve college applications later I decided to go to West Virginia University.



6 Jul

Making a long story short, education was not stressed in my house. There were far more pressing issues “back in the day” such as money, old cars breaking down and loveless marriages.

I hated elementary and middle school, but when I enrolled in high school something clicked. All of the sudden I developed an appetite to learn, I took the most difficult classes and even went so far as to enroll in Latin. I was going to learn stuff and get away, or so I thought. I wanted to go to college. I worked hard and was a solid “B” student not bad for someone who was” tracked” in the earlier years.

I graduated and went off to county college.

What happened?

6 Jul

This economy made me realize that I have made some mistakes in my life’s decisions. I listened to folks who I should not have listened to, namely parents, who I thought I was seeking advice from people older and wiser than myself, but ultimately was more worried about their own needs. I realized I have settled for things in the past, namely a paycheck that is not enough to live a happy life.

The point of this blog is to share my stories and hopefully prevent people of any age, but namely younger people, from making the mistake of allowing past events, naysayers and external forces to prevent them from realizing their dreams. I am going to place an emphasis on education and stress that the individual has to be responsible.