College and work helped

13 Jul

I decided to go to county college, which in New Jersey are pretty reputable institutions. I was living with my parents and I had to work to pay for college and my car costs.During high school I bused tables at the local diner and worked at Dunkin’ Donuts when they actually had sit down counters, but they didn’t pay squat.

The day before I graduated high school I stopped by the local Sunoco gas station and got a job as a weekend shift manager for the gasoline island. Later, after the regular full time guy left I took his place. Not getting into specifics the pay was good for early the early 90’s.

I learned responsibility early and for a teen I had pretty good discipline. I got up drove a half hour to school, took classes, drove home, then either rested a bit or did homework and went to work, 4pm to midnight. I even did homework at later times during my shift when it became slow.

I managed to do this for close to 3 years but I wanted out. I wanted to leave my home town, wanted to get away from my parents, leave the gas station and finally as anyone from New Jersey would tell you I wanted to leave the state.I wanted a life.

So I got my Associates Degree, albeit late because of the work hours and working overtime when possible interfered with classes that were challenging, a good example was Chemistry class. This was a hint of what was long term important taking a back seat to short term important.A trap that I would later fall into.

Twelve college applications later I decided to go to West Virginia University.

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